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AIS Architects in Sweden is an independent, non-profit-making professional association for architects with a degree from a university of technology or an equivalent qualification. AIS is a national body with the seat in Stockholm. The statutes are compliant to national democratic traditions. The general assembly is the decision-making body, where each member has one vote. There is an annual general meeting.

The general assembly appoints the board of AIS and the admissions committee. It also sets policies regarding the running of the AIS. The board consists of the chairman and six other members.

The aims according to the statutes of the AIS are to:
➤ Promote development in community planning and architecture with respect for the values of nature and the built-up environment;
➤ Promote understanding by the general public, the builder, the future proprietor and public authorities of the importance of qualified architectural work in urban and regional planning;
➤ Promote high quality in architectural training and to promote research in architecture and community planning;
➤ Promote the development of the role of architects in the planning and building process. Activities currently focus on three areas:
➤ Deeper understanding of the role of architecture in society;
➤ Improvement of the conditions for qualified architectural practice;
➤ Deepening of competence and the professional role of architects. The board deals with these three areas under the auspices of ArkitektForum Sverige. It arranges working groups and creates forums, encouraging dialogue and debate in the field of architecture and architectural practice. A basis for shared learning is thus formed through meetings, networks and documentation.

Members of AIS have qualifications in architecture pursuant to council directive 85/384EEC in the mutual recognition of diplomas and certificates including amendments. The EU-directive 85/384/EEC includes architects who have graduated from schools of architecture at universities of technology in Sweden or similar recognised graduation from universities in other countries, or who have, on other grounds, been accepted as members of SAR, Svenska Arkitekters Riksförbund. (Svenska Arkitekters Riksförbund, The National Association of Swedish Architects, was dissolved in 2002.)

Architects who fulfil these criteria and who, through professional practice, have acquired the necessary qualifications, have the right to apply for membership.

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